Al Davis - Hall of Fame Inductee (2017)

Al Davis


- Started in the 1960's and co-built the Fox Ridge brand
- 1984 President, 1990 CEO
- In 1999 became the #1 home builder in Nashville
- The "coach" of the Fox Ridge team
- Part of founding the Providence development, best selling community in 21 states

“Your management skills and patient 'coaching' made it a privilege to learn from your example. Together we changed the face of housing in Nashville & improved the lives of many.”     
--  Dan Hanley

“Al Davis is one of the finest managers and one of the best 'men' I've ever worked with.”    
-- John Eddie Cain

"You always had a word of encouragement and a pat on the back when needed. You're a soul with a sunny heart."
-- Betty Brothers