Bill King - Hall of Fame Inductee (2017)

Bill King


- Founded King Home Builders in 1969
- Retired as the top SPIKE recruiter in history (775)
- Inaugural member of the Jim Fischer Wall of Fame
- Inducted into the Building Industry Hall of Fame, 2010

“Few builders have had as positive an impact on our industry or the association. I’ve always admired Bill and have felt honored to call him a friend all these years.”     
-- Jim McLean 

“Bill is a credit to his profession and is held in high esteem by all his colleagues. We are appreciative of the impact he’s had on our community.”    
--  Mayor Richard Fulton (1983)

"A source of personal encouragement to me, but also the kind of person I simply enjoy being around. The stability and consistent maturity as the years pass I hope myself would attain."
-- Edsel Charles